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On Civil Liberty News, you can read information on how to protect your legal rights.  When it comes to matters of law, knowledge most certainly is power.  Our articles offer tips on a variety of themes pertaining to law.  This can include how to select the most qualified attorney, how much legal assistance will cost, how to determine whether or not you have a case that would stand up in court, when it is a good time to take legal action and when it is not, and what evidence you may need to present in order to make a legal claim.


With the drastic changes to the economy over the past decade, finance has become a very appealing issue.  This is particularly the case among consumers who are trying to make the most of their money in these economically challenged times.  Civil Liberty News features many articles with advice on financial concerns.  That can include a vast amount of information on how to get payday loans, how to make the most of home loans and mortgages, how to read the fine print, get good interest rates, and what pitfalls you may need to be wary of.

Debt Management

Facing financial trouble?  You are not alone.  Millions of others are in the same situation.  Civil Liberty News has content that may help you find your way out of any complications you may encounter due to experiencing various types of fiscal difficulty.  Here, you will find a great deal of beneficial information with regards to options such as: the pros and cons of filing for bankruptcy, the types of bankruptcy filings and which one to choose, how to settle your debts, how to manage debt, how to handle credit card settlements, and how to avoid foreclosure.

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The mission of Civil Liberty News is to deliver truthful, unfiltered news and high-quality information to our readers in an enriching and engaging manner.  It is our goal to be your preferred source of useful insight, tips and advice on legal and financial topics.  We aim to be an asset to the online community by appealing to all individuals who may wish to become more knowledgeable and take control of their life situations.  This can be of great advantage to virtually anyone, from businesspersons to everyday consumers.